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16-07-2020 In support of our national bus and coach industry and its manufacturers, GSL has sent out letters requesting immediate support and intervention by both UK and Scottish governments. We, the country, needs acquisition of new electric buses. Not only is this essential for a future healthy environment, it will save jobs and secure one of our traditional skilled manufacturing capabilities.

The model to lease trains has worked successfully for many, many, years and there is no reason why we cannot operate the same model with the bus operating companies. They need help, our customers need help and we need help now!

We need to protect our jobs and this industry with immediate support or have another skilled and traditional manufacturing discipline disappear as others have before. I'd hoped those days were behind us.

Come on UK and Scottish governments, get behind us, please help save our bus and coach industry, really do something to help the environment and save/create skilled jobs!

#invest #environment #jobs


15-06-2020 One area that has not been hit as hard by the coronavirus is that of food transport. We're delighted to be supporting customers in this sector with quality fabrication and mechanical assemblies.


20-05-2020 Our thanks again to SNC Lavalin Atkins and ScotRail. As we ship out the last spares kit today for the Class 156 WSP upgrade, it really has been a exciting and enlightening project. Here's to the next upgrade. We're ready when you are!


16-04-2020 In these difficult and unprecedented times, take a moment to reflect on the class garden art and quality of our work currently being produced for Devenick Designs @ www.devenickdesigns.co.uk


05-04-2020 Our ISO WHMA-A-620 accredited operators were inspirational in securing our latest orders for cable and wire harnessing in the rail sector. Our samples were first class and initial trial orders went really well and in fact couldn't have gone better. We will be building harnesses over the next 18 months on Bombardiers Aventra platform worth over £500k. Well done to our cable and wire harness team.


17-03-2020 Greenfold Systems has updated its staff, customers and suppliers on what we are trying to do to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We continue following guidelines set out by the government and health authorities. We are still working at full capacity and assure our customers of our support and best endeavours at this time. That said we have taken steps to limit external contact at our sites and are asking that only essential visits be made until further notice.


27-02-2020 COVID-19 We are following advice form the Government and it's National Health advisers on the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. We are still operating at full capacity though are taking steps to delay any spread of the virus. Everyone should be diligent and stay safe!


14-02-2020 Public transport is key to keeping our society moving and we're delighted the UK Government is supporting this with announcements expected on Bus and Rail invetsment. Our work in these sectors is part of what makes GSL different.


07-02-2020 We are recruiting staff to assist us in our high level assembly operations. Mechanical and electrical skills are both sought as we are building different products that require both skill sets. Either/Or experience in assembly, we'd like to hear from you on 01383 731363


08-01-2020 Greenfold is working with Hillend Engineering Ltd on some great ideas for outsourcing including cables assembly work integrated into enclosures. With Mr Bob Barr at the helm of Hillend now, its going to be a very exciting year for them and it is our hope our portfolio of work and services compliments their growth. Our thanks to Mark and Gemma for the opportunities. Keep em coming'!


06-01-2020 A very happy and prosperous new year to all our customers, suppliers and friends. Welcome to 2020 and if you have any outsource requirements give us a call on +44 (0)1383 731363


20-12-19 Our thanks to our customers, suppliers and our staff for their support in 2019. We wish you all a very merry christmas!


20/12/19 Our thanks to Turbo Power Systems who have selected Greenfold as their cable assembly partner for the Aventra Harnesses. This business sees further endorsement of the skill set our operators are attributed with IPC620 required.


28-11-19 They say time passes quickly and during a visit today by Volvo Terex from Newhouse, we met an old acquaintance in John Allison. We first met John during the 90's when Motorola were in their heyday. We're excited about the prospect of working with Volvo Terex and our thanks go to John and our own Will Kellichan for making this happen.


20-11-19 Our thanks to Optare down in Sherburn in Elmet who selected GSL as their outsource assembly partner. This picture shows the scale of the outsource. GSL tries to differentiate itself from other sub contractors who traditionally stick with only what they know e.g. sheet metal fabricators, cable assembly houses, PCB assemblers, etc. How many people do you know who can fit out the inside of a hi spec midi bus as an outsource operation. Congratulations to Optare on having the vision and to see the benefits of high level and strategic outsource to GSL.



19-11-19 Scottish Enterprise as part of their interface with train manufacturer Talgo - who are looking at setting up in Scotland with the creation of 1,000 jobs, now recognise the key role that companies such as GSL, JC GIllespie and our friends at Fifab can play in convincing Talgo that Longannet would have a world class local supply chain.


Talgo are bidding for the much publicised HS2 project but have also said that they may go ahead depending on other project work even is HS2 is not part of the business.


Our experience in the rail sector going back 30 years on cables, structures, high level assemblies and bespoke fabrications, means we can talk rail language to Talgo and offer that experience from just 15 minutes away!!!!!


07-11-19 Today GSL welcomed the Board of Intelligent Growth Solutions. CEO David Farquhar and his board were delighted at the progress made and the facilities, quality and service on offer from our team. The technology of IGS within the vertical farming sector is unique and protected and it is very exciting for us to be part of the growth of this business as its main outsource provider. It's a phenomenal opportunity and was supported by our own board: - Bill Taylor and Adrian Gare attending and hosting the visit.


11-10-19 Really impressed by what Peter McAllister and Kevin Campbell are achieving up at Falcon Food Service in Stirling. They are focused on strategy and how outsourcing with Greenfold and our sister company JC Gillespie can compliment their goals. We look forward to working with FFS for many years to come and with the added bonus of working with old colleagues Steve Dillon and Stevie McGuinness.


20-9-19 Its that time of year again when apprentices their careers or continue there modern apprenticeships. We're pleased that we're able to support the young work force and also welcome our latest apprentice on board in Fabrication and Welding; - Ewan Swanson. Our best wishes for a long a fruit full career Ewan and also our thanks to John Hamill at Fife College and Ann Salt at Fife Council Employability Services for their support.


17-9-19 Delighted to see the first assembled Optare Solo midi bus be delivered today. Our project manager James Christie commented 'To start up as quickly as we have and then set up as quickly as we have, is a great testament to the commitment of our team, and our customer, to make this work. The bus looks fantastic and we're proud to have done something special here'. These buses are destined for Dubai and are very high spec. Another example that GSL does things that others don't, won't and can't do!. Well done James, Alex and team.



8-8-19 TALGO have been in the press a great deal recently and it brings GSL to the fore as a potential supplier. With almost unique experience going back 30 years and the credentials and qualifications to back it up, we believe that we are ideally placed at the front of the supply chain queue to support TALGO at Longannet. MD Bob Waterson commented "We are blessed in Scotland to have many great suppliers of sheet metal, fabrication and cable assembly vendors but very few have the experience in RAIL that GSL does. Our best wishes go to TALGO in their bid for a share of the HS2 rolling stock build for what would be an outstanding opportunity for central Scotland"


11-6-19 There has been a fair degree of global interest in vertical farming and accelerated growth farming. GSL is proud to be working with Intelligent Growth Solutions on the assembly of the trays for their Farming Towers. Ian Kennedy commented 'The science of how IGS have developed their product is space age. Very clever stuff and we are delighted to have the opportunity as their assembly outsource partner to be involved in this major new technology development. Our thanks go to the IGS team and our colleagues at FiFab.


28-5-19 Our heartiest congratulations mixed with no small dose of excitement to Colin Robertson and the team at Alexander Dennis for their press release today, detailing the acquisition by New Flyer International. We are grateful to Colin and his team for all they've done for GSL and this is a fantastic marriage of companies that we hope to be involved with for many years to come


16-5-19 Absolutely delighted to be working again with Speedcast (Formerly Harris Caprock) in Aberdeen. GSL is delivering a full turnkey solution for Speedcast on slip rings for their radar products.


28-3-19 SELLAFIELD DIRECTORS FORUM. GSL attended the third annual Sellafield Directors forum today which sees the company enter a new market in Nuclear Power and De-Commissioning. Our thanks go to Sellafield UK and in particular John Berry for his fantastic support.


4-3-19 We are pleased to welcome David France to our team. David is heading up new business commercial activity most specifically at JC Gillespie however will also be aiding GSL and our other group companies. Welcome to the team David.


19-2-19 BSI today re-affirmed our ISO 9001-2015 accreditation at our periodic assessment. Well done to our team at GSL led by Hugh Nicholson on the audit.


8-2-19 The end of the Southern Manufacturing Show saw some records broken and within that a fantastic response from customers and potential customers to the stand of our sister company James C Gillespie Engineering Ltd. Well done to Will Kellichan, Kevin MacDonald and Deidre Brennan and here's hoping the interest turns into new business relationships.


17-1-19 Our work in the Rail Sector goes from strength to strength and this week SNC Lavalin has selected Greenfold Systems as its kitting partner on the Wheel Slide Protection upgrades on Class 156 vehicles. Our thanks to all the team at SNCL for selecting us and we look forward to this contract being the start of something long and successful for both companies.


16-1-19 Delighted to be working with Orion Engineering in Croydon. Re-wiring and installing lighting on Trams to provide a safer solution of the public on TfL's tram network. Our team are based in Croydon and are led by James Christie. If you have any installation work on rail, tram or road please contact James on 07831 138622 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


5-12-18 GREENFOLD SYSTEMS LTD RECEIVES POSITIVE RECOMMENDATION FOR CE 1090 - 1 Exc 2 CERTIFICATION We are delighted to announce that following a two day audit by BSI, that GSL has been positively recommended for CE certification as above.This allows us to develop new business from customers in the structural steel market in particular. Our thanks and congratulations to the team here who made this possible. If you have a requirement that needs CE approval... YOU KNOW WHO TO CONTACT! - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it +44 (0) 1383 731363


14-11-18 NEW INVESTORS AT LOTHIAN VEHICLE BODYBUILDERS! The investment team at GSL and our sister company JC GILLESPIE ENGINEERING are delighted to announce the acquisition of Lothian vehicle Bodybuilders Ltd in Bathgate. Key to the deal was the retention of former sole owner Gordon Nisbet. Gordon remains a major stakeholder in the business and joins our investment team and board by bringing vast experience of the vehicle structures business to the group. We are excited at the prospect of inter-company synergies and growing the LVB business over coming years.


01/10/18 Greenfold Systems has been selected by ScotRail to carry out the trial fit installations on class 156, 158 and 170 DMU's The trial fits will upgrade the antenna systems for GSM-R V4 and the install's will take place at Inverness, Corkerhill and Haymarket. The project is another example of GSL providing design, manufacture and installation services in the ever growing rail sector. Our thanks of course to ScotRail for continuing to support the local supply chain here in Scotland.


20-09-18 Following the success of our work with Flowbird on the Bus contract this year, we are delighted that Flowbird has selected GSL to be its partner on the installation of new ETM's throughout the TfL (Transport for London) bus fleet. Over 9,300 vehicles are to be upgraded and modified and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with Flowbird on this prestigious contract. We are also grateful to our installation teams who will be working in London for over 12 months.


28-08-18 We are delighted to be working with RedT Energy as they continue to develop world class energy storage systems that deliver cheap, sustainable energy infrastructures. We are supporting RedT Energy with Mechanical design, Metwork manufacture including cabinets, electrical panel wiring and cable assembly. We thank RedT Energy for supporting local contractors and we look forward to a long and successful relationship in a growing sector.


16-07-18 Wabtec Faiveley are recognised as world leaders in the overhaul, refurbishment and life extension of rail rolling stock. Wabtec Rail have selected GSL as a prime supplier on its latest HST (High Speed Train) refurbishment program where we will be supplying simple and complex welded and no welded mechanical fabrications and mechanical sub assemblies. We are absolutely delighted to be working with Wabtec Faiveley and look forward to a long and successful business together.


25-06-18 Developing young people is an important part of our commitment to working with our communities and GSL is delighted to continue offering work experience placements for young adults. The school leavers of this year have options that are all positive outcomes such as University, College, Work or trainee and apprenticeship schemes. Engineering apprenticeships and trainee programs in manufacturing are close to our heart and we hope all our work experience placements see that there is a positive alternative to further education.


21-05-18 CODED WELDING.... Greenfold Systems Ltd now has welding processes accredited to EN ISO 15612 and EN ISO 9609 This investment opens up new opportunities for our customers who require such coding. Give us a call on 01383 731363


30-04-18 Parkeon, the world leader in automated ticketing, has selected Greenfold Systems Ltd as its installation partner for the wiring and installation of its ETM on the Lothian Bus Fleet. This business highlights the flexibility of GSL and the innovation shown by our staff. Our gratitude to Parkeon and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.


24/26-04-18 GSL has taken part in a joint trade mission initiative between Scottish Enterprise/West Lothian Chamber and South Dublin Chamber. During the trip opportunities to the Irish market were identified and all options for a future in Ireland remain open to GSL. Our thanks to SE and WLCC for arranging the mission which was topped off by a reception at the UK Irish ambassadors residence.


12-02-18 Today Greenfold passed its scheduled ISO 9001-2015 periodical assessment. This is testament to the great work done here by the team and our customers can be assured that our business operates to the the highest standard of systems control and risk/opportunity management


03-01-18 The employees and Board of GSL wish all our customers a prosperous and happy new year.


13-10-17 We are RECRUITING! Currently we have opportunities of experienced cables assembly operators or operators who are used to fine detail sub and high level assembly. We're also looking for experienced supervisors or team leaders who have worked in mechanical assembly in similar roles. If you have maintenance experience as a trainee and have lost your job for whatever reason, we're looking to recruit a trainee maintenance fitter but you must have at least 3 years experience and a good basic grounding of electrical and mechanical principles.


23-8-17 GSL Investors acquire James C Gillespie Engineering Ltd.


On the 21st August the investors of GSL acquired the James C Gillespie Engineering Ltd business based in Kirkcaldy, Fife. The acquisition expands the 'Group' capability and gives GSL investors one of the best and most diverse Metal Fabrication businesses in the country. Bob Waterson commented " We're absolutely delighted to have been given this opportunity. JCGE have an excellent team and it is our ambition to grow the business here in Kirkcaldy. Employees, customers and suppliers alike should all be enthusiastic about the potential this change in ownership brings" For further details contact Bob on 01383 731363.


16-8-17 At our periodic assessment yesterday, we were delighted to have a recommendation from BSI that we be accredited to ISO 9001 - 2015. We are absolutely delighted to attain and run our businesses in compliance with the standard.

This achievement brings GSL to the fore of SME contract manufacturers again, ahead of schedule and a year earlier than the cut off of September 2018! Bob Waterson commented 'We are certainly one of the first contract manufacturers in Scotland to complete this transition and will give our customers further confidence in our robust planning and operational processes'


03-08-17 Designed and manufactured in Scotland; the home of Golf, we are proud to announce that the SHOT SCOPE V2 - GPS Watch with automated performance tracking is now available for pre-order!

The product, assembled by GSL in Dunfermline, demonstrates the commitment by David Hunter of Shot Scope and his team, to have innovative, world class and leading products built right here in Scotland. We wish David, Lewis and all at Shot Scope the very best and look forward to a continued successful partnership! Get your order in now! www.shotscope.com


17-7-17 Leading our transition to ISO 9001 - 2015, GSL is delighted to have secured the services of Hugh Nicholson to lead taking the company through the new standard. Hugh brings with him many years of experience in the quality field. Welcome aboard Hugh!


19-6-17 Steven Dillon has joined the management team at GSL following a re-structure of our Dunfermline operations. Bob Waterson commented 'We welcome Steven as our new Manufacturing Manager, an appointment that will help take our operations to a new level as our business grows year on year'. Welcome aboard Steven.

23-05-17 Lothian Region Transport has selected GSL to provide wiring services over a fleet of 646 vehicles. James Christie project managing the the contract said 'We're really delighted to be supporting LRT on this very sizeable project. We hope to show exactly what we can do and that this is just the start of a long relationship with LRT. Our team will work through the night in conjunction with fleet availability on this contract, rewiring the vehicles as LRT continues to use local companies for upgrades to its ETM equipment. The new ETM's will further enhance the passenger travel experience on LRT buses'


05-05-17 Crewe based Rail management and service provider for refurbishment of rolling stock vehicles; Chrysallis Rail has engaged with GSL to provide brackets and wiring support parts. We appreciate the new business from Chrysallis very much as we expand in our Rail service support operations.

15-03-17 Our apologies that our web site has been down in the last few weeks. Our site host decided to cease hosting and we're delighted that we are back up and live again. We are looking at the possibility of refreshing and re-designing the web site.

01-03-17 Greenfold Systems Ltd (South East) opened its doors for business today when group Technical Consultant; Ian Kennedy took possession of the keys to our unit in Medway City Estate in Kent. The unit is being kitted out and the first kits are expected to be ready in 3-4 weeks time.

24-02-17 ScotRail have awarded GSL the business to supply metalwork and hardware for the CCTV upgrade on their Class 334 vehicles. This business further strengthens the working relationship with Abelio ScotRail who continue to support the local supply chain.

23-01-17 Greenfold Systems Ltd (South East) - 1 Lakeside Park, Neptune Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4LT

GSL is delighted to announce that it is establishing a new facility in support of its customers supporting the upgrade and installation of WiFi to the Road and Rail Public Sector Mass Transit markets. The final details are now agreed and GSL (South East) will be operational in Medway City Estate by the 1st of March 2017.


GSL's technical consultant Ian Kennedy commented;

'The expansion to the South East is part of a localisation strategy with Icomera here in the UK, where we will support their new installs around the country by establishing local depots to increase customer service and dramatically improve lead times. Our ability to offer design, manufacturing and turnkey solutions, and after sales service brings real value to the customers table'

21-12-16 CLASS 156 CCTV Hardware; The benefit of having a supplier who can deliver meaningful benefit to its customers is measured by the costs it saves. GSL is delighted to extend its relationship with Abelio ScotRail who have awarded the hardware for the Class 156 CCTV upgrade to GSL.


Bob Waterson added 'The vision shown by the technical project management team at ScotRail has resulted in real savings for the company as it will only need to bring a train out of service once, to get two upgrades complete i.e. CCTV and WiFi installation upgrades completed at the same time. This will mean the paying passenger will not have the train out of service twice and Abelio ScotRail earns fares where it may not have, had the train had to come out of service on two separate occasions'.

GSL also works closely in its alliance with Teknoware OY of Finland; the world leading transport lighting designer and provider. It is hoped and indeed the ambition of both companies to work together here in the UK to further enhance the benefit of bringing trains in for multiple upgrades once instead of numerous times saving ROSCO's time and money, whilst improving passenger experiences and minimising disruption.

WiFi, CCTV, LED Lighting.... and more technical upgrades can all be supplied here in the UK from one source; Greenfold Systems Ltd and its customers and alliance suppliers.