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Bus Assemblies
"Alexander Dennis Limited, part of the leading global bus manufacturer NFI Group, is the UK’s largest producer of single and double deck buses and coaches. In order to facilitate and complement growth in our business, we developed a strategy of outsourcing high level assemblies that were principally made up of double deck sides, roofs and interdecks, as well as single deck sides and roofs. Outsourcing these body components has allowed our business to increase its capacity and throughput to meet demand, meaning greater capacity for our key processes, and of course our customers. We selected Greenfold Systems Group (GSL) for our outsource alliance. Outsourcing with GSL gives us a high-quality, flexible, competitive alternative to traditional sub-contracting of individual commodities. We have taken this work to new levels that covers electrical, mechanical and electromechanical high level assembly solutions. We focus on what we're good, at while GSL provides labour and capacity flexibility. ADL is embracing the challenges facing the world's environment by developing new zero emission products and our relationship with GSL remains key to our success."
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