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What is kitting? Kitting is filling orders by preassembling individual items or components into ready to ship kits. Specifically, kitting involves a process where separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. This method offers a high rate of savings in fulfilment costs. Pre-sorted kits save time and labour by ensuring necessary components are available at the point of use.

GSL can manufacture assemble and kit all on site!


Benefits of Kitting

The ability to manufacture high-quality products while keeping costs low is the formula for success!
By kitting with GSL we will help you improve YOUR productivity and reduce labour costs with OUR kitting services!
Benefits of Kitting include: Improved Traceability, Reduced Purchasing Time, Reduced Receiving Time, Decreased Waste, Increased Floor Space, Reduced Inventory, Increased Productivity and Improved Cash Flow!
Don’t waste your resources, outsource with GSL your partner in quality manufacturing.

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